Quiz, Poll & Query: Don’t Guess at What Your Client Needs

Quiz Building to Build Your Client List

Have you ever been asked to participate in a telesummit, webinar or other “group” build for finding new clients? If you haven’t, don’t start feeling bad (I’ll explain why in a moment). If you have, I’m curious about how that worked for you. But first, have you thought about using a quiz to get new, vetted, highly appropriate clients for your business?


The Problem with the Status Quo

When you jump into the status quo for building your business, you’re on a highway, in gridlock with everyone else. How far do you think that’ll get you. How ’bout you try something different?


Earlier, I mentioned the challenge with “group” efforts for building you list, building platform and your business. The biggest problem is most of these “builds” rely on the free give away aspect. Which means a vast majority of your “new” clients are on your list because they wanted something for nothing – hey, don’t we all??? Sure. But what do they need? At this juncture in the game, you have no idea.


And now you’ve got a highly diluted list to work from. So, you email them. And they either don’t engage or they drop off. You see, they weren’t vetted. They don’t see a value to what you’re offering – because you don’t know what they need. Telesummit, webinar and launch give-aways – each offering the potential for hundreds if not thousands of new clients for your list. And. Every. Other. Participant. The only one really benefiting from the entire list is the host of the event.


I’ll Run My Own List Building Event Then!

OK, buttercup. Plan on at least 90 days to prep – develop your theme, identify and invite participants, build a website or at least a squeeze page, and write your email copy. Add 30 days to record and then thirty days to launch. And if you’ve never done this before and you don’t have several thousand dollars to throw at an expert to manage the process for you – add another 90 days for learning curve…


So, you’ve got the better part of a year to build a process to build your list??! Nope. Me neither.


The Solution – Build a Quiz (Find Out What Your Client Needs First)

What if the solution is under 30 minutes away and it allows you to FIND OUT WHAT YOUR CLIENT NEEDS FIRST… Even before you send the first email? Yeah, stop wasting time. I mean it, just stop.


I’ve recently fallen in LOVE with this product Interact and I mean LOVE. Use their pre-made templates, customize a template or build your own quiz, poll or give-away. Identify your client’s needs well before you send your first email. The advantage – you have a well defined knowledge base, laser focused on a specific need identified by the client – it’s a match made in heaven. They have a need, you magically meet that need. OK, not magically, but it just might feel that way to the client.


Stop wasting time guessing what your clients need. Find out. Then fill the need. Try Interact – I’m betting you’ll love it too.


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What have you used to build your list so far? How do you identify client needs early in the relationship?

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