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Lessons in Business Success: Be an Author

Writing and publishing a book is the Holy Grail of authorship. I believe you should all be moving toward that if your goal is to be identified as an expert in your field. But where do you start? I recommend you hone your voice by starting with a blog. Then perhaps moving on to guest…

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Lessons in Success: How Big Is Your "Why"

Very often people focus on WHAT they want as opposed to WHY they want it. While knowing what you want is important – that’s outcome – knowing why you want it is often more important – that’s motivation. If you don’t have a strong enough “why,” you’re simply not going to be moved to make things…

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26 Weeks to a Successful Business Launch

I’m often asked how to launch a successful business. While each one-on-one coaching client gets targeted, customized, specific direction, there are some commonalities that most start-up businesses can share. These are my recommendations in a week-by-week format to have your business up and off the ground in about six months (perfect option if you’re looking…

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