Build Your Social Media Platform

In 30 days, you’ll identify, strategize and automate your three best social media platforms. We’ll teach you how to spend your time and money in the most effective ways possible – not all platforms perform well for all businesses. Once you have a system – imagine only 8 hours a month spent on social media management… it can be done! we do it all the time. Some of us with staff, some with systems and some hands on.

Promote Yourself as an Expert Speaker

From your own home – in your bunny slippers if you want. In this 30 day module, you’ll spend an hour as an expert guest on an internet radio show with thousands of listeners. You’ll also develop a media kit and letter of introduction to send out to other hosts. You’ll learn how to book yourself on radio, podcast, internet, video and tv interviews. You’ll share your experience and expertise with the world one conversation at a time.

Build Your Blogging Platform

Do you know why social media is not the solution to building your business? You’ll learn this valuable lesson on day 1. It’ll save you a tremendous amount of time and money if you do this one thing. In the next 30 days of the program, you’ll get a years worth of blogging done in less time than you spend watching a weekly double feature.


Create a Marketable Program, Product or Service

This is a 30 day module that teaches you the real value of leveraging your experience and expertise. Imagine creating something with the potential to make you money – even when you’re sleeping. That is priceless. This is where you learn how to stop recreating the wheel. Stop trading dollars for hours. Leverage your work and works into deliverable systems, programs, products or services. You own your content – 100% of itnot all platform partners offer this option. We’ll show you how to repurpose your content, and create new revenue streams.

Write and Publish Your Book

This isn’t the great American novel – save that for another time & apply the concepts learned here. Publishing has changed, it’s not worth losing out on your profits to sign with a big publisher in the beginning. The reason… you still have to do the marketing. Yeah, the heavy lifting – for less than 20% of the profits.  We show you how to write & publish your book in 30 days. Just think, your book – your profits!


Guest Host a Podcast

This is where you’ll shine with your Speaker Author Expert status. You’ll co-host a very successful internet radio show with another industry leading expert. While sharing conversation you’ll be providing social proof of your status to the future clients who’ll want to work with you. You’ll be able to market your works – book, blog, interviews, products and services. We’ll teach you how to position the conversation to keep in informational and compelling. Not salesy or pushy in any way. expert in jeans

Why Join Our Speaker Author Expert – 1 Year Business Development Program

Because you don’t have time to waste. Left on your own, in one year from today will you have?

  • 3 Targeted social media platforms, thousands of followers
  • 48 written blog posts ready to be published
  • A professionally published book available on Amazon
  • A media kit and radio interview with thousands of listeners
  • A product earning you money while you sleep
  • A guest host/producer credit on a syndicated podcast

Or will you just be another year older? Will you make more excuses? Or will you make this happen for you – and the clients who are waiting for you to show up – for them.

Together, we’ll spend 12 months walking through the six, 30 day modules listed above and the subsequent 30 day build your foundation exercises to absolutely ensure your success in building your platform.


We have some great bonuses for you too!

  • Your 2 interviews are guaranteed to receive not 10,000 impressions (downloads) – we’ll guarantee marketing on our end to 50,000 impressions! We’re discerning in who we accept into this program – if you get in, we guarantee you’ll get exposure.
  • Your 2 interviews will be licensed in perpetuity to use in your marketing. Or create products with them or do both. We’d do both. We’ll even teach you how.
  • You’ll also get Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network’s 10 Ways to Make Money from Your Podcast Program learn many of the ways we monetize our programming! Never before shared outside our Internet Radio Host Development Program.
  • Each month a participating member will win a host testimonial live read commercial on LiJL Network.
  • Each and every month a participant will be selected to receive an additional year membership based on participation, content completed and other factors. Essentially two years for the price of one!

Bonuses Valued at $16,200

Podcast hosting on, host arms crossed

Concierge Plan

Need more from our program? No worries, we’ve got you covered there too. We have done for you options for all aspects of your business and platform development. Sign up for our concierge service, we’ll take care of your needs from branding and image consultation, to web design and list management.

Our team of experts can build and manage your social media platform, write and publish your blog, ghost write and publish your book, prep you for your interviews until they are as polished as you are, create a product from your content or set up your eCommerce site. 

Let’s make building your business easier for you.

Let our team of experts help you move forward. Complete our assessment and consultation application – you’ll see if Speaker Author Expert is right for you.

Let’s get started!