It’s Only Money and It’s All in Your Mind

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Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Or worse yet, living without an income? Do you know how to release the negative mindset, the energy, thoughts and beliefs you have connected with that bring about these challenges? Are you ready to change and allow money to flow easily and abundantly to you? Because it won’t until you do.


Does that mean that you’ll suddenly find a million dollars in the bank if you change your thoughts? Not necessarily, but you will keep sabotaging your success until you do.


Thoughts are powerful, words are spells.


Money, like everything else, is energy; a vibration. You can learn to vibrate and attract wealth and abundance to you now. Exercises, tools and meditations will help you make the changes you desire. Its about putting your attention to what you really want in life. It’s about being of a mindset that recognizes opportunity and takes chances. It’s about training your brain to avoid the downward spiral of negative thinking. Because your wealth reflects your self worth. And your family’s values, societal influences and even media exposure.


Take a look at your bank balance, your income and your spending habits. If you’re not happy with the status of any of these things, you have to deal with your limiting Thoughts, Beliefs, Decisions and Behaviors – your TBDB’s. If you’re not happy with the world around you, again go back to your thoughts. Your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs create your behaviors, and your behaviors ultimately create the world you live in.


Here’s a thought that you may or may not be ready for: You have exactly the amount of money you are comfortable with. But wait, I WANT MORE, you say. You may want more, but you’re not ready for it. There is something in you that is in direct conflict with the idea of “more”. And when two forces are in direct opposition – NOTHING MOVES. That’s exactly what happens when you are dealing with internal conflict. You may “want more” but there are one or more TBDB’s – most times unconsciously running – that keep you from moving forward to what you want in your life.


And then there are 3 things fundamentally wrong with wanting more money

First, when you “want” something, you resonate the vibration of lack. The universe and your creative consciousness (some refer to this as your subconscious or unconscious mind, I prefer creative consciousness) responds to provide you exactly that experience — LACK. So to want something, to desire it, is to stay in that state. Accepting the item, situation or experience into your life is saying, “I’m ready for __________.” or “I accept __________  into my life now or something better”.


Next, if you’ve ever heard of SMART goals, you understand your thoughts – goals – must be specific and measurable. While more money is measurable. Finding a penny on the street meets the criteria with the lowest measurable increase. Path of least resistance if you will. And yet, the quest is satisfied. Simply, because you weren’t specific enough. Remember. more is a nebulous thing. Incrementally, the least measurable increase meets the criteria of having “more”. So, be specific. “I’m ready to break the 100K per year income mark.” or “I accept 10K dollars monthly into my life now or something better”.


Finally, gratitude makes things happen, but wanting more says this is not enough. So be grateful for all you have, and be grateful for where you are, challenged or not. Hold the energy of gratitude and see what begins to show up.


Let’s make money part of your intentions


Again, I say you have exactly what you are ready for. To change that, start practicing daily intentions.

  • State what you are grateful for
  • Acknowledge and honor what you have received (manifested) in your life
  • State what you are ready to receive next



I live in peace, joy and abundance. Join me.  You can also try one of my Money, Wealth & Abundance hypnosis / meditation MP3s



Now you… Tell me how you change your mindset. What do you do to keep a healthy perspective about money, wealth and abundance?

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  1. Thanks for your help !
    I Thank God and hope to work with you and through Him.
    Arthur Cencula

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