Lessons in Success: More Business Resources

Success on Black-Golden Watch Face.In the spirit of sharing more business resources, remember that some of these I have used and some just didn’t feel right for me. Use your best judgment as to what’s right for you and your business. (Click here for previously shared business resources.)

Stock Photos: I learned a very valuable (read, expensive) lesson about five years ago, when a former assistant placed a photo on my website that she had obtained from a “free” photo share site. I explained to her that I purchase royalty free licensing for all photos used if I did not take it myself. I had it pulled from my site immediately. It had only been up for about three days.

Well, long story short … someone had uploaded that licensed photo to the “free” share site, and it was actually owned by a very large corporation, who six months later hit me with legal action because we didn’t have a license and had used their intellectual property. Protect yourself and your business – know what is on your site.

Email Marketing: While you don’t have to have a big list to start (my business was successfully making six figures consistently with a list of under 5,000 subscribers), you should be taking consistent steps to grow your list.

More Affiliate Marketing: Make sure when you’re doing affiliate marketing that these really are services that you utilize, are reflective of your business vision, and you can stand behind the services/products. This keeps you congruent in what you’re doing. While Lessons in Joyful Living is a very large umbrella, I really do only recommend services and products that make my life easier.

Stay tuned for more business resources in upcoming blog posts. If you have any recommendations, please share them in the comments.