Lessons in Success: Even More Business Resources

Lessons in Joyful Living Here are some other great business resources. Remember, I don’t utilize all of them – only the ones that are at a fit for my business and needs. Make sure you choose what works best for your business needs.

Freelance/Virtual Help: When you’re ready for help and you don’t have the resources – space, funding, consistent work – to hire an employee, then utilizing freelance or virtual staffing can be truly beneficial. Remember to check their feedback/references/portfolio before you hire. Try to negotiate a per job fee versus an hourly rate. And when you find a really good one, communicate your desire to foster an ongoing relationship.

Get Published: If the idea of taking to blogging is overwhelming to start with, you can reach out and request to guest blog for other successful bloggers or alternately write articles and get them published. These sites will also give you some feedback on the quality of your work.

Find Trending Topics and Keywords:  When writing, it’s important to keep your voice concise and consistent. However, when you find trending topics and keywords that are reflective of that voice and can help bump up your SEO, then by all means, use them.

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