Lessons in Success: And Yet More Business Resources

Here are some great resources to promote and market your business/program/product/service. Some of them might even be familiar to you!

Online Press Release: These sites give you an opportunity to provide content and press releases.

Joint Ventures: This is where you get to partner with others to increase your revenue and extend your reach in marketing.

Internet Radio Host: Broadcast your very own radio show. Do the research – make sure you own the content of your programming and that training is part of the programming package.

Own a radio show

Internet Radio Guest: Some shows will interview you at no cost. Others (mine included) opt to partner with you and provide your interview as a marketing/promotional event. This is because of the listenership statistics – as of December 2014, my show gets 1+ million downloads per month. It is advertising for you, so there are costs associated with it. If licensing the programming is an option, I suggest you consider it; you are then able to turn the interview into a digital product (enabling you to monetize the interview).

More business resources:

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