Lessons in Business Success: 10 Quick Marketing Tips

When I teach, my programs are typically jam-packed intensives where students walk away with more information than they know what to do with. My recommendation is always to pick two or three things that you’re not currently doing and implement those immediately.Marketing

In a few weeks, when you have those initial two or three that you’ve implemented working for you as part of your regular system, then implement two or three more. Then, rinse and repeat. This keeps you moving forward without feeling like you’re on overload.

Here are 10 super quick marketing tips to help you develop, market and promote your business:

  1. Everyone is NOT your client
  2. Make your USP an actual benefit of working with you
  3. Your brand name must be easy to remember
  4. Get the .com for your brand name
  5. Get an effective logo
  6. Unless you’re a graphic designer, don’t design your own stuff
  7. Do everything with your brand in mind
  8. Brand everything
  9. Spread your marketing message
  10. Ask for the sale

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