Lessons In Business Development: So You Want to Be a Radio Host

Old vintage microphone on backgroundWhen I first contracted to do my radio show as a one-day-per-week option, it took me six months to launch. All I kept thinking was I now have to be somewhere every Monday morning at 10 AM without fail… and it overwhelmed me. I had spent the last five years developing a new business and lifestyle that allowed me to be where I wanted to be and do what I wanted to do pretty much 24/7. And now I had a COMMITMENT! Scared the hell out of me. Could I do it? (Spoiler alert – I now do it five days a week and launched a radio network!)

I had heard rumors and scary tales of people investing countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars over the course of years only to have minimal ROI from their radio programming. I actually spoke to a show host who would take 10 to 15 hours preparing to do a one hour show every week.

Frankly, they were all doing it wrong.

Here’s my life now, with a five day week program (and running a new network), a coaching practice, a training business and a paranormal investigating company: I work with clients when I want to. I travel when I want to. I take time off when I want to. So, none of that changed. Yes, I do have to be somewhere Monday through Friday at 10 AM for an hour so that I can do a live show. And I’ve done that from my office, from a park, from countless hotel rooms, from friends’ guest rooms, poolside and on one occasion from my car.

It takes about 30 minutes of pre-production for each hour show and there’s about 30 minutes of post-production – so a total of two hours per show. I have put people in place on my team to handle the pre- and post-production tasks, so I spend 15 minutes of prep and then I do a live show. My five hours of weekly programming takes about 6 1/4 hours of my direct time.

As of this month (just passed my 2 year anniversary of broadcasting) I’m averaging 1.2 MILLION monthly downloads for my programming – monthly downloads! And in 2013 I saw my first six-figure sales month – I had had six-figure sales quarters, it was the radio broadcasting that brought me to that six-figure sales month.

So I would say yeah, they were doing it wrong.

Are you interested in learning how to do radio right… with Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network?

How do I broadcast?

Where you are right now – chances are you can broadcast from there.  With an Internet connection, microphone and headset you’ll be able to broadcast from your home, your office, or anywhere in the world you choose to be. We prefer Skype to connect our host, their guests and our network for live broadcasting. We also provide toll-free numbers for US callers and have a live chat feature on the network were your listeners can post questions or comments during your live show.

Who are the listeners for Internet radio?

  • Your listeners are people who want to listen from their computer, tablet, or phone
  • In the very near future all new cars will come Internet ready, adding new listeners to your show during drive time
  • People who want to learn from you and your guests
  • People who are interested in your business/program/product/service and want to learn more
  • People who don’t have the time to read nor the patience to watch videos
  • People who want the freedom of downloading your podcasts so they can listen to you at their convenience

 How will this benefit my business?

  • You’ll increase brand awareness
  • You’ll receive massive support in your marketing efforts
  • Notoriety and cachet of being a radio host identifying you as an expert in your field
  • Ability to connect with high profile and influential people as your guests
  • You will grow your business through new leads, advertising, joint venture opportunities, speaking engagements – and other ways too numerous to mention
  • Potential global and infinite reach – your show may be live for an hour each week, but it has the potential to LIVE on the Internet forever

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