Lessons in Business Building: Who Do You Want to Serve?

Who do you want to serve? If your answer is “everyone” …  WRONG!

You may have heard the saying “There’s Riches in Niches,” and there is some truth to that. But this conversation really isn’t about the money, it’s about aligning with your Ideal Client, the one that you’re going to wake up every morning loving to bits and looking forward to working with. Now, there are programs out there – trainings, intensives, books and coaches – who will want to charge you to identify your ideal client. Let me save you some time, effort, energy, resources and money. Your client is you.

Yep, you.

I want you to think about who you were right before you made the changes to do what you’re doing to get where you are. Remember that pain. Remember that pressure. Remember that discomfort. That’s the you I’m talking about. You know her better than anyone else. You know her motivations, her demographic statistics, what keeps her up at night, what she secretly desires more than anything, her dreams, her visions, her glories, her failures – you know it all.

I want you to identify her and really flesh her out, give her a name, a history, goals for the future. You’re going to create a personality profile for her. And from this moment forward all of your marketing is written specifically to her.

Now understand you may have different aspects of your business or businesses as I do. And I have different ideal clients for each aspect. But each one is fully fleshed out and all marketing/sales copy is written specifically to that individual.

For those of you who are pulled and connected in a way that makes you want to work with me in personal, business and breakthrough coaching let me tell you who my ideal client has been for the last few years.

  • freedomFemale 35 to 55 years old
  • Self-aware
  • Has healed most of the trauma and drama of her past
  • Has one or two sticking points she’s tried to heal and can’t get past, knows she needs help and values the assistance she will receive
  • Established in her career and/or business and ready to invest in her personal growth and potential
  • Open to living in grace and gratitude and fully investing in her spiritual expression
  • May not have been a risk taker in the past but now open to stepping out of her comfort zone

There’s more to her personality profile and demographic information, but this gives you an idea. She was me at 35 when I made the decision to step into coaching full-time. Does she sound familiar to you? She may be you …

Understand that over time your business will evolve and your ideal client may change or you may develop additional businesses or aspects of your business but this is the best place to start. Start with you. Think about who and what you wanted – needed like the very air you breathe to pull you out of that stuck state you were in – and each time you serve that client, you help heal a little bit more of your past.

If you’re thinking about up leveling your coaching practice or launching a career as a success coach then you’ll want to check out my Life Success Training Program – you’ll be certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Time Techniques and Success Coaching.

Training offered in January and July annually – email for more information info@KimberlyRinaldi.com or call us 888-916-4569.

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  1. Hi Kimberly! This is a a wonderful post on ideal clients and target group for your business. I really liked how you outlined your ideal client. I’m starting a business this year, and this advice was exactly is very helpful. Thank you for the post!

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