Lessons in Business Building: Are You Marketing to the Right People?

There are some interesting statistics being shared in the business development community. I don’t know exactly how accurate the numbers are but I do understand the concept behind them and it’s for that reason that I’ve been successful in most of my marketing ventures.

Most people spend their marketing dollars on a very tiny sliver of their potential client base – the absolute, tried-and-true, already-sold client. Through education-based marketing via a sales funnel, you’re able market to an audience that most people are missing.

CaptureThe purpose of the funnel is to move that 67% population from potential clients to buying clients.

In order to do that, you have to make the 7% potential client group conscious of your business and its ability to fill their need.

Educate the first 30% potential client group to what your business is so when their need becomes urgent you’re the first person/business they think of.

Illuminate for the second 30% potential client group the discomfort they may not be currently aware of, make them conscious of your business, and educate them about how you serve to fill the need they have.

And finally, do not waste time marketing to the 30% of people not your client group – they will either never have a need or never see you/your business as an option to fill that need.

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