50 Business Products You Can Launch

Product launch stampI was working with a mentor a few years ago who, after reviewing my extensive list of products and programs, told me I should “Stop creating things” and begin instead to re-purpose what I currently had in place.

I have to say it created some distinct discomfort within me. I am a creator. While I was always creating new and improved products, he had a point. I had never re-purposed anything, to the extent that any time I taught a class, I revised and rewrote it. That took a lot of energy and perhaps didn’t serve anything other than fulfill my need to create.

I have now found a balance. I allow my client and student outcomes to indicate when something needs to be improved upon, and I create any time I see a need that is currently not being met.

Here’s a list of 50 potential products for your business. You can simply take your area of experience/expertise/training/education and turn it into a tangible and/or consumable item, and you will have created a product. And if you’re smart, you’ll re-purpose content across multiple formats.

  1. Newsletter – printed or electronic
  2. E-zine – free or paid subscription (monthly or semi monthly)
  3. Book – self published or publishing house
  4. E-book – self published or PDF format
  5. Mini book – smaller version of your book with cut down content used as premium/marketing tool
  6. Special report and white papers – higher value information on a specific business topic
  7. Ghostwriting and co-authoring – writing for others with cover credit or not
  8. Syndicated column – your articles appearing regularly in newspapers/magazines
  9. Private label magazine – magazine with your name and title, produced by others for your use
  10. Workbook – individual training tool, typically not part of another program
  11. Audiobook – reading your book or original content into audio format
  12. Single CD – used as either educational product or marketing tool
  13. Boxed CD set – educational or training product
  14. Subscription CD series – monthly CDs for a fee
  15. Single MP3 – used as either educational product or marketing tool
  16. MP3 set – educational or training product
  17. Subscription MP3 series – monthly MP3 for a fee
  18. Video training – easy way to deliver same content as live training/seminar
  19. Webinar – online live or recorded training
  20. Tele-seminar – live or recorded group conference call
  21. Membership site – designed to create a feeling of community and share information
  22. Home-study system – audio/video/CD/MP3/printed material sold together as a system
  23. Radio or television show – from short segments to syndicated radio shows and TV specials
  24. Media expert – providing regular content to news organizations
  25. Infomercial product – designed to sell on the radio or via television infomercials
  26. Branded retail products – goods produced for retail consumers with your logo or name
  27. Compiled reference guides – directories and other compilations of useful forms, resources and material
  28. Software – your own or templates designed for use with off-the-shelf applications
  29. Continuing education units – for industry associations or consumers through local seminar companies
  30. Counseling services – usually one-on-one, personal growth
  31. Coaching programs – one-on-one or group, personal growth or professional development
  32. Breakthrough sessions/VIP days – intensive’s designed around rapid change
  33. Weekend retreat – self-help or personal growth weekends
  34. Trade association – operated by you to assist a specific industry group
  35. Industry conventions and trade shows – operated by you, revenues from workshops and tradeshow booths
  36. Keynote speaking – delivering motivation and inspiration as a platform speaker
  37. Breakout sessions – delivering content and recruiting new clients at industry events
  38. Speaking representing your employer – delivering product information at industry events
  39. Public seminars – used to up-sell attendees into higher-priced programs
  40. Classes and training programs – teaching others how to use your material and products
  41. Train the trainer programs – teaching others to present your material and use your products
  42. Corporate training programs – your material licensed for use on a company wide basis
  43. Presenter large events – one of several presenters, platform sales
  44. Boot camps – intensive multi-day trainings by you and your hand-picked experts
  45. Mastermind – facilitating others in business development
  46. Hourly consulting – packages that boost your hourly rate and image in the industry
  47. Long-term consulting contracts – designed to meet long-term goals for major corporations
  48. Subscription consulting – ongoing consulting for a monthly or annual fee
  49. Spokesperson contract – your reputation and expertise leveraged to sell products and services
  50. Licensing – your products, services and content distributed by others under your name or theirs

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