I Want My Own Business, But Where Do I Start?

Start own businessThere are three ways you can start your own business.

  1. Purchase established
  2. Purchase a franchise
  3. Launch your own

I’m only going to focus on one today: launching your own business, or creating a brand.

Challenge + Opportunity = Brand

You have to first determine what it is people need. Because if you have a desire to make fluffy pretty widgets and no one out there is clamoring for a fluffy pretty widget, the path to success will elude you.

So look around, ask, think about what it is that you need in your life, determine where there is a challenge seeking a solution.

Your opportunity is how you resolve that challenge. There are millions of coaches out there right now. My clients come to me because I offer something different. That “something different” is my brand. It’s Lessons in Joyful Living. I help clients reach their healing goals in a very short period of time compared to other methodologies. Literally hours versus weeks, months or even years while working with some of the more traditional methods.

What do you do?