How to Build Your Business – Advertising, Publicity & Marketing

leaderWhile the goal is to stand out in a crowd, one of the first things you have to understand is the difference between advertising, marketing and publicity.

You can pay for advertising.
You can pray for publicity.
You can build a marketing platform.

Advertising is the most simplistic. You pay someone to tout the wonders of you, your business, your product, your service. I have never done this. In my business it doesn’t make sense to.

Over the years I’ve opted for publicity and building a marketing platform. Here are three keys to publicity:

  • Solve a problem
  • Claim a title
  • Be controversial

I utilize the first two. I teach Lessons in Joyful Living, which solve a problem for a lot of people. The second is I claim a title: radio show host. With those two items I am frequently asked for interviews on radio, teleconferences and tele-summits, and to participate as a keynote speaker.

Finally, building a marketing platform. This is about the relationships you build while out in your public persona. I market when I’m teaching classes, public speaking, on my radio show, getting the dog picked up from day camp, at other people’s conferences, and just about any other moment I’m awake, upright and breathing.

It’s not about selling; it’s about listening. Listening to and assisting with the needs of others. Determining how I can help them, whether through my business as a professional or simply with word or deed in our encounter.

Then it’s about helping people understand what it is I do. Asking them if they know someone who might be helped by what I do. And offering to help them should the need ever arise.

In an upcoming conversation I’ll share with you how social media fits into play when building a marketing platform.