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Our Approach

There are many different ways to build your platform. But why would you pick the most costly, most time-consuming or most difficult ones? We see it happen all the time – it’s simply because you don’t know any better.

You shouldn’t have to do “heavy lifting” or anything that strenuous to generate wealth and success in your business. We believe that when you surround yourself with and model the genius of those who have succeeded before you,  you will save time, energy, money and the emotional damage of having to correct costly mistakes.


Our Story

At SPEAKER AUTHOR EXPERT, we’ve taken our combined invested resources – development, experience, time, money and even our mistakes – in media, social media, business development, finance, IT, design, graphic design, business and personal development and created a 6 month system that fast-tracks the process for you. You don’t have to spend decades learning what we’re willing to share with you, because our our team has one goal in mind – your success. We are that team of experts whose genius you will surround yourself with and model.

Meet the Team

“If a single individual can attain wealth and success in business, all can.
You just have to identify the strategies and apply them consistently.
Success is not luck, it’s diligence using the correct formula.”
~ Kimberly Rinaldi

Kimberly Rinaldi

Kimberly Rinaldi

Founder LiJL Media Enterprises,
Success Coach, Lifestyle Business Expert and Philanthropist

With 30 plus years in corporate, business and personal development, Kimberly has helped clients on an international platform. Since 2014, she’s been helping women build and secure their finances, family and future on
LiJL Radio Network.

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Business Team

Business & Finance Leaders

Team of business and finance experts.

Business experts from fortune 500
Bookkeeping expert
Business tax expert
Publishing experts
Marketing experts
Copywriting experts

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Design & IT Team

Design, Social Media and IT Leaders

Team of design, social media and IT experts.

Former OC Register social media manager
Web Developers with decades of experience
Graphic designers
Social media marketing guru’s


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