9 Things Wealthy People Do That Can Help You On Your Path to Prosperity

Unless you are born with a silver spoon or have figured out a way to predetermine the Powerball numbers, you’re going to have to work to build your wealth.

In every outcome, there are strategies involved to get there. The wealthy who have built and maintained their fortunes have consistent behaviors.

Money treeHere are nine things wealthy people do; let’s see how your behavior stack up.

  1. Have Clearly-Defined Goals Written Out. Seems simple enough. A goal that isn’t written out and given a date is simply wishful thinking.
  2. Maintain a To Do List. This is about building wins into every day. Celebrate what you can accomplish, and keep track of what yet needs to be done.
  3. Take Ownership for Behaviors and Habits. Having a victim mentality keeps you disempowered. PERIOD. When you own it you can change it.
  4. Read 30 or More Minutes a Day. This is what’s going to keep you sharp. Your brain behaves in the same manner muscle will, so use it or lose it.
  5. Consistently Work Towards Personal Development. When you invest in yourself the universe recognizes it, and others will invest in you. 
  6. Believe and Invest in Ongoing Education. Because you don’t know what you don’t know.
  7. Network Five or More Hours a Month. There is partnership and opportunity potential in every encounter. This doesn’t mean you’re selling to everybody, it means you understand that each one of us carries a piece to this puzzle we call life.
  8. Limit Television Viewing. I’d like to say it rots your brain, but I’d be lying. It does however suck up a tremendous amount of time and energy that could be put to use on any of the other number of items you might have trouble finding time for.
  9. Exercise for Health. Again, use it or lose it. Exercise improves circulation which aids cognitive function, memory, and critical thinking. And let’s imagine you make your millions and you’re too tired to appreciate your wealth. Wouldn’t that be terrible?

So in short, if you don’t have a roadmap for where you’re going – a guide to determine where you’ve been – a desire to improve your mind – willingness to own your outcomes – belief that you can’t do it alone – understanding of appropriate use of creative time – and motivation to move your body; you’re simply not going to find the path to prosperity.

John Burgos found that his difficulties in business were a reflection of his personal life. Listen in: http://bit.ly/LIJL052114mp3